Professional moss, fungus and green attack

Lamox is an extremely powerful product that removes green deposits without scrubbing or pressure washers.
Lamox also ensures that green deposits, moss and weeds long term stay away.

Lamox quickly removes green deposits on roofs, terraces, driveways, garden furniture, planters, gravestones, walls, windows, roofs, driveways, windows of conservatories, etc.



Lamox quickly and easily removes green deposits such as moss, algae and fungi.
You pour or spray the solution on your clinker bricks, tiles, garden furniture, wood, ...
You should not rinse.

Registration number:BE-REG-00198 i.e. proven quality by Federal public service

The N°1 moss fighter

Lamox has a self-cleaning effect

Can be used for many applications (vowels cobblestones, terraces, tiles, shales, walls, brick, sandstone, natural stone, marble, bluestone, asphalt, glass, garden furniture, wooden structures, etc..)

When can I use LAMOX?













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Where can I use LAMOX?

Tiled paths, garden furniture, driveways, walls, windows, roofs, terraces, fences, gravestones, windows of conservatories,....

Suitable for all materials:

  • Glass: greenhouses, verandas,...
  • Wood:garden furniture, terraces, fences, buttocks, garden sheds, arbors,...
  • Types of metal: Zinc gutters, bronze statues, steel structures,...
  • Plastics: plastic, foil,...
  • Stone: limestone walls, statues, roofs, tiles, gravel tiles,...
  • Natural stone: marble tombstones, monuments,..

How do I use LAMOX?

For optimal results, treat in weather from 15 °C and a dry period of 1 to 2 days after application. Spray, pour, brush or scrub Lamox with a solution of 10% (1l to 10l water). DO NOT RINSE. The solution is applied with a backpack sprayer, brush or watering can. You let the product work in and after a few days all the green deposits are removed! The development of green deposits is prevented for many months.

By using this moss remover, you no longer have to scrub away the green deposits yourself. You achieve optimal results with minimal effort. With 1 liter of Lamox you can treat an area of ​​10 square meters.

Attention! Do not spray on plants! The agent becomes ineffective when it comes into contact with soap or synthetic detergents .

Use biocides safely. Please read the label and the product information before use..

Recognized name : Lamox
Registration No: BE-REG-00198
Product type: PT2, 4 and 10 - General public and Professional - SL: water miscible - Fungicide, bactericide and algicide - Active ingredient: didecylmethylammonium chloride(cas7173-51-5): 45gr/l
Producent: Rentoclean nv - Klein Veerle 109A - 2960 Sint Lenaarts - KBO nr: 0420.637.530

Ready to use, colorless and self-cleaning!

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Packaging: 1L ready to use, 1L, 5L, 10L

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