Plague of flies

A fly infestation can be very disturbing, both indoors and outdoors. The most common flies in and around your house are house flies (Musca domestica or Fannia), blowflies (Calliphora spp. or blowflies popularly), fruit flies. These flies all live on food and feces.

If flies in the house are en masse on your food and buzz around your head all the time, you can speak of a fly nuisance.

;A fly infestation in your business or home can be a nuisance, especially if there are a lot of them. In addition, certain types of flying pose a health risk to yourself, but also to your employees, customers, your family, your pets or, in the case of an agricultural company, your livestock.

Are flies harmful?
Flies can harm health by transferring germs to food. Flies can pick up bacteria, viruses and parasitic worms while eating garbage, rotting meat and dung and transfer them to people's food on subsequent landings or through their droppings. These pathogens can cause infectious diseases such as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in humans.

Most flies are highly attracted to light sources. This is also the reason that flies gather en masse on a window or on a lamp. Flies have very well developed vision. Flies can even detect UV light. This is why they are so strongly attracted to light sources. So make sure that there are no unnecessarily burning light sources. If you do, flies will flock there in a short time and will stick to your lamp. Also have mosquito nets on your windows and doors to keep out flies.

X-one Insecticide

Fights flies, fruit flies, mosquitoes, stable flies,...

  • Eliminate flies effortlessly by means of automatic diffusion with the X-one dispenser.
  • 100% natural plant product Indoors, kennels, veterinary practices, warehouse, public buildings and stables.
  • Also with open doors, this product has an effective effect.
  • Harmless to people, animals and the environment
  • Admission Number: 4807 / B
  • Also 100% effective against mosquitoes.

X-One is based on a 100% natural VEGETABLE base of Pyrethrum. X-one has a Belgian registration and is suitable for catering, food industry, indoors, kennels, veterinary practices, warehouse, and stables.

Since Pyrethrum decomposes quickly into water and carbon dioxide under sunlight or in the air, it is considered the safest natural insecticide. X-one leaves no residue and is not harmful to warm-blooded animals and humans.

Pyrethrum is a well-functioning agent without the insects developing resistance. It is a contact insecticide with a fast effect ('knock down effect'). Thus, the spray product formulated with Pyrethrum can be safely used to kill insects in the household. In addition, it can be effective in horticulture on all kinds of crops.

air-free dispenser
How do you use X-One?

Manually or preferably automatically via the X-one dispenser. X-one Aerosol is also compatible with a Swak dispenser.

  • Fully automatic operation Adjustable in 3 different interval settings: 7.5 / 15 or 30 minutes
  • Adjustable day and night
  • Power supply: Batteries (not included)

Note: Do not aim directly at objects and walls, keep a minimum distance of 60 cm.

Technical information
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Color light yellow
Smell Characteristic
Shelf life Unlimited in a closed package at room temperature
Stability Store the product in its original sealed packaging and protect it from sunlight and extreme temperatures.
Packaging 12 x 250ml (1x250ml = 3,000 doses)

Request the appropriate safety data sheet (SDS) before use (

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