You know. The first rays of the sun descend on your house and the days are getting longer. You do your first terrace of the year. The ideal opportunity to put away that winter feeling and let a fresh wind blow through your house and your head. How do you start the annual spring cleaning? Which rooms or places should you definitely not forget? With these tips, your entire home will be thoroughly refreshed. .

1. A clean house is good, but clean air is even better.
Open the windows and let everything air out. Ventilateis super important.

2. Remove your curtains ,wash them carefully with a delicate wash or take them to the dry cleaner. The cushions in the armchair and in bed are also washed far too little. While you're doing the big cleaning, you might as well throw all the pillows in the washing machine. Freshly washed cushions provide a fresh touch to your interior.

3. Make everything dust-free.
First, go through your house with the vacuum cleaner and remove cobwebs and dust webs with a feather duster or duster. Move the furniture so that you clear every nook and cranny. Go through the radiators with a flexible brush. Also think of often forgotten places such as the curtain rods.

4. Clean all cabinets inside and out.
Get all the stuff out of the closet. Clean the inside of the cabinet with an all-purpose cleaner. Also clean all coat racks, drawers and shelves. Clean all doors and wall shelves
Don't forget to give all the interior doors a turn.
Give the ceiling a good cleaning too.

total cleaner lavende

5.Clean mirrors and windows.
Clean the windows: both inside and outside. A window is more than the glass. Don't just polish the glass. Also clean the window frame and seals on the outside with window cleaner. Open the window while brushing. Also clean the inside of the window frame and sash.
Use enough water to clean and rinse your windows. This prevents smearing on glass and profiles due to residual dirt and soap residue.

Spray a little glass clean on a cloth and go over all mirrors and photo frames .
glass cleaner 6. Clean the carpet .
Carpets are real dust nests. Vacuum your carpet thoroughly. Treat stains with the carpet remover. It is better not to let the stains soak into the carpet, and to treat them immediately. Have an older carpet professionally cleaned.
carpet cleaner

7. Disinfect everything you touch.

Wipe all door handles, light switches, sockets, banisters, cupboard handles, keyboard, remote control, game consoles .... clean. Don't forget your smartphone!
Do not spray directly on the surface, but moisten a paper towel or cloth first.



Descale all electrical appliances.
It is important to descale your coffee maker and kettle regularly. If the lime builds up, you might find unsavory chunks in your tea or cooking water. Moreover, a layer of lime ensures that the heat is not properly conducted, so that your water will boil less quickly.
How to descale? you read that here.


Clean your oven, stove and microwave.
Remove the oven plates, grill grates and the glass plate of your microwave oven.
You can easily wipe away most of the dirt in your (microwave) oven with an all-purpose cleaner or with ascouring cream .
Stubborn stains or caked-on residues can be removed with Elja Oven Cleaner.

oven cleaner

dampkap ontvetter Clean the extractor hood
Replace the filter if necessary, or wash the metal filter (usually in the dishwasher). Clean the hood with a good degreaser. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry with kitchen paper. This way you avoid streaks. You can also optionally apply Elja Stainless Steel Polish with a paper towel. Protects and gives shine in 1 go.
Elynol Blue Clean out the fridge and freezer.
Turn off the device. Get everything out of your fridge. Make soapy water with a good all-purpose cleaner. Ideal with Elynol Blue Super Cleaner . Remove trays, trays, drawers and other loose parts and clean them well. Clean the inside of the refrigerator, including the door and door seal. Don't forget the sink in the fridge.

Your dishwasher can also use a wash.

unblocker Shower drain
Start with the least fun job, the shower drain. Then you are already there. First remove all the hair and then the soap and dirt residues with an old washing-up brush. Is the shower drain clogged and/or does it have an odor? Then use Liquid drain unblocker .
demox1.jpg Remove stubborn limescale
Remove lime from your bath, shower and sinks. Lime can also occur on tiles.

Remove mold from walls and joints.
The bathroom is a playground for bacteria and fungi. So clean that space regularly with disinfectant mold cleaner, and do that from top to bottom.

mold eater

For daily cleaning.
For daily cleaning of wall tiles, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, taps,...
Easily removes soap and dirt
Leaves a sparkling shine.

bathroom cleaner

The biggest disease maker in the toilet is the flush button. Clean it regularly with Lamox desinfectant.
Remove all rust, limescale and urinary stone in toilets and urinals with a toilet brush.
After that, put the toilet brush on for 30 minutes. in Lamox desinfectant.
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Mopping floors
The right product to clean your floor? That depends on your floor type.
We have listed the different types for you.






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Garden and Patio

It's time to refurbish your garden. It is very tempting to immediately grab the pressure washer, but it is better not to do that. Tiles with a top layer and cement clinker have a top layer. It is not so smart to use the pressure washer. The pressure of this is so hard that you spray off the top layer. This will make the tiles rough. As a result, the attack will eventually grow faster. It only has an effect for a little while. The water will expand and damage your tiles even more.

Removing green deposits from driveway, terrace, furniture,..


BBQ Cleaning