Laundry detergent

Laundry detergent

Everything for your laundry : detergent, washing powder and fabric softener.

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BioAktiv Flower Fresh - Washing Powder - 6 kg

Price €23.90

Thanks to the new concentrated formula, BioAktiv thoroughly removes stains and dirt from the laundry and ensures excellent whiteness of washed laundry. A balanced content of active ingredients ensures better performance at lower washing temperatures. In addition to cleanliness and effective...

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Elja Laundry detergent | 2L

Price €5.99

Elja detergent is a professional detergent specially developed for excellent results from the first wash: excellent stain removal, deep cleaning, radiant colors. The detergent contains color protectors that ensure that the colors of your clothes remain beautiful for longer. No need to sort...

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Elja Fabric Softener - 2L

Price €5.26

Elja Fabric Softener penetrates deep into the fabric and gives your textile an unbeatable softness and freshness. Your laundry stays soft and beautiful for longer Read the label and product information before use. Available immediately. Delivery time 1 to 2 working days 7/7...

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Elja Washing Powder - 1,7kg

Price €7.80

Elja washing powder has been specially developed to keep your laundry radiant: excellent stain removal, deep cleaning, radiant colours. Suitable for all white and colorfast laundry. Elja washing powder already has an excellent washing result from 30° A soft and wonderfully fresh wash....

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Ariel Pods 3 in 1 - 38 washes

Price €19.50

Exceptional cleaning power in a small capsule. User friendly. Removes stains. Exceptional cleaning in a small detergent capsule. Excellent cleaning even in cold water. Unique results even without pre-washing or pre-soaking, so you can save water and energy. Free from phosphates....

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Tablets for washing en desinfecting -125 stuks

Price €46.00

Tablets for the washing machine, for washing and disinfecting clothes. Without phosphates. Stain remover, bleach from 30ºC. Allows washing and disinfection of all types of fabrics: white, color, cotton, polyester. Effective at low temperatures on all types of stains. Bactericidal effect...