Lamox ❗ N°1 Demosser

Professional moss, fungus and green attack

Lamox is an extremely powerful product that removes green deposits without scrubbing or using a pressure washer.
Lamox also ensures that green deposits, moss and weeds are long-term stay away.

Lamox quickly removes green deposits on roofs, terraces, driveways, garden furniture,
planters, gravestones, walls, windows, roofs, driveways, windows of conservatories, etc.


Lamox quickly and easily removes green deposits such as moss, algae and fungi.
You pour or spray the solution on your clinker bricks, tiles, garden furniture, wood, ...
You should not rinse.

Registration number:BE-REG-00198 i.e. proven quality by Federal public service

The N°1 moss fighter

Lamox has a self-cleaning effect

Can be used for many applications (clinkers, cobblestones, terraces, tiles, shales, walls, brick, sandstone, natural stone, marble, bluestone, asphalt, glass, garden furniture, wooden constructions, etc..)

- Use no bleach to clean your driveway. This may be cheaper but is very bad for the environment. Bleach has no lasting effect, it does not work after.
- Also do not use a high-pressure cleaner, you will damage the top layer of your clinker, making them porous, so algae and moss can adhere much better. Moreover, you empty all joints around the stones, which can prevent subsidence. The green attack returns quickly. By spraying on it, you divide the cells of the green deposits (the algae) and so the problem will only get worse in the long run.



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